Decade 3

PROGRESS REPORT :: DECADE THREE :: 7 Mar 2010 – 16 Mar 2010

Start of Decade: 82.0 kgs

End of Decade: 81.0 kgs

Weight loss: 1000 grams


Eighty-one point oh. Phew! Made it, but only just! So that’s 3.3 kilos lost in 30 days.

Well, while 100 for 100 is still on target, it’s pretty evident that I’m now getting less bang for the buck and things are not going to work unless I up the ante somehow. There’s no room whatsoever for slackening of any sort. I now sure do understand what Infosys and TCS (and other listed companies in the media glare) must be feeling when they have to declare good results quarter after quarter after quarter for the stock markets without any let up at all.

So what’s my “guidance” for Decade Four? First, let me take stock of what’s been going on so far:

  • I think I have overestimated my daily calorific requirement as 2800.  It’s probably just about 2500.
  • I’ve underestimated the calorific damage done by the fried snacks I eat in the evening. They’ve got to be reduced somehow!
  • I’ve overestimated the saving because of replacing sugar in tea with sucralose. Instead of 1000 calories per Decade it’s probably just about 500 or so.
  • I’ve concluded that a direct correlation between calories saved and weight loss cannot be established very accurately, so one needs to overcompensate with calories saved/burned to achieve a particular weight loss goal. I reckon one needs to overcompensate by about 20-25 percent to be totally sure. That means reducing about 10000 calories in a Decade, instead of 7700, for a kilo of weight loss.
  • The walking is going really great, but I cannot keep on increasing the quantum, as it would take up too much time.
  • I have not been able to add calisthenics to my walking routine or maintain the Food Diary diligently as yet.

So, these are the measures I’m going to take from today onward in Decade Four, to maintain the momentum:

  • Implement all I said I’ll do in the “How Fibre?” section of the Fibre Factor post – this should take care of the evening snacking problem to a great extent.
  • Add on calisthenics for about 15-20 minutes at least 5 times a week.
  • Attempt a more accurate calorie count each day using the Food Diary and analyse it thoroughly for adjustments from the next Decade (Five) onwards.

Back in 2007, this was about the time I was forced to abandon 100 for 100. Is something like that going to happen this time too? Fat chance!! I’ve only just about begun to warm up… watch out for the dazzle in Decade Four!

[The Progress Reports for Decade One and Decade Two are here.]

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