Decade 1

PROGRESS REPORT :: DECADE ONE :: 15 Feb 2010 – 24 Feb 2010

So here are the results everyone has been waiting for!

Start of Decade: 84.3 kgs

End of Decade: 83.1 kgs

Weight loss: 1200 grams

Well, I’ve lost 1.2 kilos in the first ten days of 100 for 100. From 84.3 kgs, I’m down to 83.1. Can’t say I’m not happy, but will have to admit that I’m not overly delighted. For, I do know that it is easy to lose a bit of weight quickly at the start of any fitness programme. As one goes along, the rate of loss slows down, and one has to sometimes work harder just to stay in the same place. Decade Two and Decade Three will be crucial for me, and will determine if all my careful calculations need to be completely reworked or not.

Much of the losses in this first decade have been due to walking — I did at least 15-20 percent more than the targeted 55 km for the decade. There have been no/little diet changes as yet, except that alcohol consumption stopped completely from Feb 17th (will explain why in a future post).

I haven’t started keeping a food diary yet (will do so from Decade Three onward), and am not doing any exercise other than walking. I sure don’t want to exhaust all my trump cards right at the outset!

One point that I’d like to make regarding weight readings: It’s important to be consistent on this front. Use the same machine, in more or less the same conditions (time of day, state of dress or undress, etc) for reliable and valid readings. It’s silly to weigh yourself just after an intense workout — losses recorded at that instant are mainly due to fluid loss, and can even cross a kilo or more depending on the intensity and duration of the work-out.  The body compensates for this fluid loss by retaining more water from food intake as well as making you feel thirstier so you drink more water to replenish what’s been lost through sweating. [Don't get fooled by gyms that offer a "free trial", wherein they record your weight, make you sweat it out for a while and then record your weight again at the end of the session to show how well their program works!]

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