Decade 5

PROGRESS REPORT :: DECADE FIVE :: 27 Mar 2010 – 8 Apr 2010

Start of Decade: 79.9 kgs

End of Decade: 78.8 kgs

Weight loss: 1100 grams


No need to rub your eyes and look again to see whether you’ve read it right — Decade Five was in fact 13 days long! One day more because of the Easter holiday I’d declared, and two more above that because of a knee injury that kept me immobile. I might be accused of resorting to a bit of smoke and mirrors here, but if I can’t walk because of injury, there’s no question of 100 for 100.  As simple as that.

Overall, the walking has been working like a charm. When I conceptualised  100 for 100, I was quite sure that walking would be the key component, and the last 50 days has  endorsed that belief beyond question. I haven’t made any great adjustments to diet — apart from the simple things I’ve already discussed — so there’s no feeling of deprivation of any sort (very important for me!).

I’ve gradually increased the walking component to 90 minutes and the pace has quickened a bit too. To vary things, I’ve started jogging a little, perhaps about 10 to 15 percent of the walking stint, but never for more than 200 metres at a stretch. As I get lighter, I should probably be able to do short bursts of running to keep the heart-rate in the optimum fat-burning zone. I can’t afford to be too ambitious here, because of the risk of injury. In fact I think my knee injury was caused by the jarring resulting from a couple of mislaid steps while suddenly quickening the pace of the jog last Thursday.

I’ve been in the process of putting together quite a bit of stuff on fats, calisthenics, heart-rate, parks, etc. Hopefully I will be able to write it all up and post it to 100 for 100 while sipping urak on the beaches of Goa next week.

Urak? Beaches of Goa? So is this going to be the end of 100 for 100 as we’ve known it these past five Decades then? Check back regularly to find out!

[The Progress Reports for Decade One, Decade Two, Decade Three and Decade Four are here.]

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