Progress Report - Revival

PROGRESS REPORT :: REVIVAL :: Decade Six scheduled to commence on 25 Jun 2010

End of Decade Five (April 8): 78.8 kgs

Today (June 18): 79.5 kgs

Weight loss: –700 grams


The first five decades of 100 for 100 were a breeze. At the end of the Decade Five, on April 8th, I’d lost 5500 grams and weighed 78.8 kilos. Everything was working out far better than I’d ever expected. And then things all went pear-shaped. Blame it on the break in Goa, the sweltering heat in Bombay during the month of May, rhythm blues, or sun spots. It’s not that I totally copped out; I tried doing all that I’d been doing for the first fifty days, but I just couldn’t get back into the groove on return from Goa. As the momentum waned I started falling behind on the target and then all else began to fall apart too.

But I haven’t given up. I’m reviving 100 for 100 from June 26, and the next five decades will be completed by August 15. That’s India’s Independence Day; for me it will signify Freedom From Fat! From the 78.8 kilos I was on April 8, I’ve inched up to 79.5 in the interim. So I have some extra work to do if I’m to achieve my original target of 10 kilos and come down to 74.3.

The last two months haven’t been a complete washout. I’ve really learned a lot about fitness and exercise and foods. And now, I will be adding pranayama to my repertoire. Do check out the posts covering fats, as they are the outcome of considerable reading and research, and contain a lot of interesting and useful information – the ones I’m referring to are I Shan’t Get No Saturation, Coconut Oil and Pure Ghee: Good or Bad? and  The ABC of Omega-3 and Omega-6. Also don’t miss Fibre Factor, Salt Tolerance and Understanding Alcohol.

And finally, my latest weapon, pranayama, is described in Pranayama for Weight Loss.

[The Progress Reports for Decade One, Decade Two, Decade Three, Decade Four and Decade Five are here.]

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