Progress Report - The Lost Decades


Start of Decade: 78.8 kgs

End of Decade: 79.1 kgs

Weight loss: -300 grams


The Goa trip I talked about in my last Progress Report turned out to be disastrous for 100 for 100. Not because I pigged out or lazed around all day (I didn’t!), but rather, because it was impossible to stick to the crucial walking routine or implement the subtle tweaks in diet that I had been following for the past Five Decades. Further, the sketchy Internet access in the beautiful but remote village of Carona that I was staying at, put paid to any noble intentions I had of updating this site during my Goa sojourn.

But I am still absolutely determined to achieve the original goal of losing 10 kilos, which is the key contention of 100 for 100 – guess I’m taking the clause “without suffering or grief” a little too seriously, though :-)

So here’s the deal:

  • I’m going to consider the previous fifteen-day period as an unfortunate but unintended hiatus from 100 for 100 and write it off as The Lost Decade-And-A-Half.
  • I’m going to recommence the programme in all its glory with the Sixth Decade starting from April 26.
  • As a confirmation of my renewed sincerity, I’d like to report that I did the Big Walk yesterday, and completed all 16 km of it without any negative after-effects.
  • I have decided to double my walking routine from here on, doing 110 km each decade. My walking speed has increased, and, being lighter now, it’s much easier to complete the designated distance than it was at the start of 100 for 100
  • I have a backlog of posts to complete. These include “I Shan’t Get No Saturation”, “Suddenly, Squirrels and Sparrows” and “The ABC of Omega”. I promise to put all these up next week.

My apologies to all those who have been closely following this blog and awaiting the results of Decade Six. Please don’t give up on me! Check back regularly in the coming weeks and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

[The Progress Reports for Decade One, Decade Two, Decade Three, Decade Four and Decade Five are here.]

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1 comment to Progress Report – The Lost Decade-And-A-Half

  • mona

    78 or 79kgs…i can’t even begin to imagine u a physical clone of the santwan frame…think that’s where he’s at…rudy,i am super impressed with your obvious determination…u make it or u dont, party on me around the 30th…watsayu? grilled aubergines, and shrimp on cracker….hehe…anyways, ur blogging is gripping.keep going ole chap.

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