Decade 2

PROGRESS REPORT :: DECADE TWO :: 25 Feb 2010 – 6 Mar 2010

Start of Decade: 83.1 kgs

End of Decade: 82.0 kgs

Weight loss: 1100 grams


Yipee dee doo! I’ve notched 1.1 kilos of weight loss for Decade Two of 100 for 100. The scale said 82 kilos and sent me into an impromptu jig (that’s another 10 calories or so in the kitty ). So I’m ahead of the curve, but only just (by 300 grams). I think this is important, because if I fall back at this stage, making up later will be practically impossible.

I know that Waldo the Weight Monster is not going to take this lying down. He’s going to rear his ugly head in defiance and fight back viciously. So now’s the time to bring in some of my reserve troops and try and break Waldo’s back (without breaking my own!)

I must confess that I was able to achieve the target this second decade only because of some intensified rearguard action in the last three days (extra walking), when I noticed I was falling behind. Snacking is still quite a bit of a problem in the evenings — this is where I must cut back if I am to continue to achieve the targets. From today I am starting with the Food Diary to ascertain just how much of a problem this is. Also, I will totally eliminate deep fried snacks like bhajiyas, samoosas and vadas during Decade Three. I’m adding on a bit of calisthenics in addition to the walking. Other base measures are being maintained. Decade Three, as I said earlier, is going to be crucial, and I’m determined to deal some telling left hooks and right jabs, aimed to knock the stuffing out of Waldo in the next few days.

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5 comments to Decade 2

  • Val Souza

    Thank you, all. But still a long, long way to go as yet. Nicky, for your benefit, here’s the “Before” photo.
    - Val

  • ian

    thats pretty impressive! and you almost make me feel guilty for tempting you!… like you said decade 3 is crucial! :)

  • Siy

    Valdo vs Waldo… u know who we rooting for… pow-wow… keep dem punches goin!… :)

  • Cecil

    Wow man… The Walking is definitely Working for you… and consistently too. As for me, nothing seems to be working, to start the walking. Freezing weather, rainy days, the usual chestnuts for reasons (or excuses)… Well, tomorrow’s another day. Gonna come up with more than reasons and excuses. Will do it. Though I know I’ve got way to go, literally…

  • Nicky

    Congratulations! Keep it up! We are still awaiting your pictures. In the meantime I havent lost much weight.

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