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I am not into fanatical counting of calories. But I nevertheless realise the value of keeping a Food Diary when trying to reduce weight. The very act of noting down all that you consume is enough to keep you aware of where exactly it’s all going pear-shaped. Even if it’s not possible to accurately estimate the amount of calories in different foods, approximations are alright too.

In 100 for 100 I’m working backwards. I’ve estimated that I need to cut back 800 calories per day (either by decreasing consumption or increasing burn), so I don’t really need to keep a Food Diary. But I’m doing it anyway. I discovered a great website on which I can maintain my Food Diary online. The site is called FitDay, and it has several nifty features in addition to the food diary.

What I like most about FitDay is that I can easily enter details of foods I consume regularly, along with my approximate calorific estimations for these foods (most of them are, not surprisingly, missing in the stock database).

FitDay also allows the input of exercise activities each day. If you also enter your fitness and nutrition goals, there are some interesting reports that can be generated.

From my own experience earlier, after just a couple of days of test usage, I can see the value of going through this exercise of maintaining a food diary. As the total calories consumed per day gets displayed, it’s easy to hone in to the villains of the piece and identify areas wherein small changes can result in significant achievements in keeping with your specific goals. Believe me, once you understand the basics of nutrition, as explained in this blog, it is not at all difficult to estimate your daily calorific intake . One needn’t worry about pin-point accuracy; honest and reasonable approximations will do just fine! I will start maintaining my Food Diary at FitDay from Decade Three onwards — that’s from tomorrow (7 March 2010).

- Val Souza

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