Progress Report - Decade One

DECADE ONE: 15 Feb 2010 – 24 Feb 2010

So here are the results everyone has been waiting for!

Start of Decade: 84.3 kgs

End of Decade: 83.1 kgs

Weight loss: ♣ 1200 grams ♣

Well, I’ve lost 1.2 kilos in the first ten days [...]

Understanding Alcohol

“Alcohol is the anaesthetic by which we endure the operation of life.”

- George Bernard Shaw

I couldn’t agree more with good ol’ George Bernard. And good ol’ alcohol has provided the perfect setting for lots of fun times too. As you might have gathered by now, I do enjoy [...]


Even if one is not interested in meticulous counting of calories, it is useful to know the amount of calories contained in the three different food types:

Carbohydrates :: 4 calories per gram

Proteins :: 4 calories per gram

Fats :: 9 calories per gram

For alcohol, the figure used is 7 calories per gram [...]

Measured for Success

I was hooked onto Google Earth from the moment I opened the program for the very first time. I’ve always had a thing for maps, and discovering Google Earth made me understand how Bruce Lee must have felt when he got his very first nunchaku. Combine GE with Google Maps or Wikimapia and you’re assured [...]

The Big Walk

It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon on 17 June 2005. Don’t know what came over me, but I suddenly decided to set out from my home in suburban Mumbai and walk to “town”– the Big Walk, I later dubbed it. There was no elaborate plan, except that my destination was to be the Catholic [...]

Battle of the bulge

My effort starts tommorow 17 Feb Ash Wednesday. Lets go Val.

Quantification before Pontification

84.3 kilograms at the start of the 100 days, and 74.3 at the end. It’s not going to happen just on its own. The final goal is known. What’s required is a logical and quantifiable plan to get there. So let’s try and work that out!

I am well aware that weight is a complex [...]

What it's all about

100 for 100.

Just think:

If I can lose 100 grams a day for 100 days, I’ll be 10 kilos lighter at the end of it all!

Now what could be simpler than that? The challenge of course, is to do it without fancy equipment, without crazy diets, without major changes to lifestyle — now [...]